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  • 2019-08-01
    Abd Al-Halim
    جيد جدا
    Service:شكرا لك
  • 2019-07-25
    its a good product very useful for pumping at work
  • 2019-07-12
    ينصح بشدة .. سهل الاستخدام
    Service:شكرا لك
  • 2019-07-11
    Wow, I really am impressed with this simple pump and it's cost. You control the speed and force of pump and it seems to be a better pull of the nipple and areola. I think breastfeeding moms who were not getting results with electric pumps should give this a try. Your hands don't get as tired as you might think. Love it because you can pause and walk around. You're not stuck hooked up to the pump and to an outlet. Also refrigerate the whole thing and come back to it later. Easy to clean.
    Service:thank you very much



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